Lazy mans load – why you should never use the dreaded extra large box when moving

It’s tempting, we know. You’re preparing for a big move. Each and every single thing you own needs to get out of the house, into some large transport vessel, and into your new house. It’s a daunting task, for sure.

Your clothes, books, records, dishes, documents, jewelry, and more . . . you need to pack them all into boxes. So why not save time by packing everything into a few extra large boxes instead of many smaller boxes? Because you should never use the extra large box, that’s why!

Only use boxes you can move yourself

Remember, your movers aren’t going to unpack your boxes for you. So if a box is too heavy for you to move once the movers leave, that box is too heavy. Movers can move a few boxes at a time. You only need to move one at a time. But do you do need to be able to move that one if you want a painless unpacking process.

Gravity is stronger than cardboard

No matter how well you pack your boxes, no matter how well-taped those boxes are, the only thing keeping your items from falling all over the floor is a thin layer of cardboard. The bigger the box you use, the more items you can put inside. The more items you put inside, the more weight is pressing on that cardboard. So you want to limit that weight as best you can. And this is an issue that extra muscle can’t solve. Even with two movers carrying an extra large box, the weight is still pressing in one direction: against the bottom of the box.

Movers can take an extra box or two if they are light enough — but they can’t take half a box if one is too heavy

This is simple math. If you use extra large boxes and you pack them too heavy, two movers might be needed to move it safely. That slows down the move and ends up costing you more money. (Additionally, heavier boxes are less safe to pack in a moving truck). However, if you pack your items into small or medium boxes, you have an advantage. If a box is light enough, a mover can take two of them. Or three of them. This is an easy way we can speed up a move and save you money. But we can never move only half of a box.

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